Do I have another option for custodian wallet?

Hello community, I really like the use of this browser first of all, thanks for making it alive!
Secondly, I tried to verify my wallet but I have only one option available which is Bitflyer.

Maybe because I based in Asia. I tried to register myself in Bitflyer but they said they only accept Japanese resident at this time. So what options do I have now? Thanks.

Non-Japanese asains are able to use gemini/uphold. Were you connected to japanese IP via VPN. Uninstall and re-install the brave browser again.

Is your country close to very far away from japan.

Hi, I live in HongKong so it should be a distance between.
I didn’t use any VPN for internet and I uninstalled and reinstalled three times but still I was given only bitflyer option for the verification process. :confused:

that seems odd…
brave seems to be identifying your traffic like a Japanese network for it to give that option…
how about your timezone setting???

I just changed back the region setting of my window from Japan to HK, realising it was my japanese friend used my laptop few months back. Timezone is correct. I highly suspect that’s the region issue trigger Brave. . .
But now I’ve un and reinstalled back brave, reset the brave broswer setting, the verification still goes with Bitflyer only.

Please don’t reset brave setting if not necessary. I just realised my upcoming BAT pay and this month counting are gone due to the reset!

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