HELP - My Brave probably doesn't know where I am

Hi, I am using BRAVE for about 3 weeks, and just now I noticed this problem. When I installed the browser, I had my windows configured in a different region (Japan) because of some reasons, and I thought it was strange for Brave only redirecting me to a japanese Cryptosite for reclaiming rewards, i didn’t have the time to configure everything so I just ignore. But now that I want to sincronize an wallet to my Brave Rewards, i can’t, cause BRAVE only takes me to BitFlyer and I can’t register on Bitflyer because it’s japanese residents only. I already changed my windows region but that doesn’t seem to have sorted out my issue. I want to know what can I do, so i can finally vinculate my BRAVE to a Brazilian cryptowallet site, or something that let me reclaim brazilan money.

OS: Windows 10 BRAVE;1.27.10

Hi @RaposaFANT !!

You just started to use Brave 3 weeks ago. So, I think you haven’t earned many BAT. If you don’t mind to loose earned BAT, please try below.

Quit Brave, and check this directory.


You can find “Brave-Browser” folder here, and change this folder’s name like “Brave-Browser-old”. Then launch Brave. Brave initialize settings as it’s used in Brazil if your Windows regional setting is Brazil.

But please remind, your rewards wallet also will be initialized!!

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