Change rewards country

change rewards country


Well, nice smoke and mirrors. For anyone who sees this, I want you to realize this is not a fix or anyone circumventing. Pay attention to the following:

  • The balance on both of the profiles they show is 0. This is important because if you imitate what’s done, you’ll lose balance of your original profile.

  • Take a screenshot of Wallet Payment ID. You’ll notice that the PH Payment ID changes to the of the new profile.

What does that mean?

All they did was make a new profile, copied it, and then replaced their old profile with the new. If you’ve used Brave long enough, you know Wallet Payment ID is what links you to your BAT.

If you’re going to do all of this nonsense, you may as well have just Reset your Rewards like instructed by Mattches and others in Support.

This also goes to show you how people are always looking at trying to think they are smart and find ways to bypass restrictions. When Brave talked about fraud and why they aren’t opening to certain regions, it’s because you have people trying to think they are smart and doing stuff like this, going in and changing information within Brave to falsify information.

Whether that was OP’s intent with the video or they just wanted to troll everyone through misinformation, it’s always good to remember to be very careful when you are told something by people. Especially when they are just some random person on the internet.

the only nonsense here is brave browser incompetent developers even the most intelligent people on earth makes mistakes even the most expensive graphics card fails why are you instructing people to reset their rewards? not everyone lives on a supported region what about people who is on a unsupported region makes the mistake in selecting their country so just goodbye BAT?? hahaha why not instruct them to uninstall brave and install chrome instead. They already remove the ability to earn bat on nightly so its safe to tell them to uninstall brave

why wont you apply as a developer on brave ? Mr. competent

i wont apply to a company that allows people who aren’t even their employees to manage their tech support like this essay man @Saoiray. @Saoiray don’t comment if you don’t know what you are talking about you are more active than those admins that gets paid by their company. or maybe you are getting paid i wont waste time writing a essay like replies on community post in this company

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