Country mismatch (UK)

I setup Brave in 2021 with the US as my Rewards region (I am based in the UK). I did this under the assumption that US ads would more prevalent than European ads and therefore would make more in vBAT rewards. I didn’t think twice about this. After all I was using Brave the privacy browser.

I have built around 50 BAT. Not much, I know. But I feel I have put in some work to get here.

After connecting to Uphold, I can’t withdrawn my BAT as there is a country mismatch. I’m given the only option of resetting Brave and losing my BAT.

This seems pretty unfair. Like many of us I’ve spent hours clicking and reading ads, and now I can’t claim my rewards because I committed the heinous crime of watching ads intended for a different country.

Is there any way to rescue my BAT without resetting Brave and the ad region?

So you basically did kinda stuff against terms & conditions to earn more vBAT than you should.

There’s two options now
Get a US ID and update KYC at Uphold with US id to show you’re in the US now

Other one is rather simple but will cause losing all vBATs you’ve claimed. Reset Brave rewards and choose the appropriate region this time.

You didn’t do it rightfully. My sympathy does lie with the people who need to move a lot between countries. As far as I know, Brave is working on getting this right. No timeline given tho.

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That’s against terms and conditions. And could result in a flagged creators account.

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