Not receiving rewards! Delete my country from rewards

When I started to use Brave some of the features I like was the chance to earn some virtual coins… And I earned a few.

But a couple a month ago I can’t transfer my earnings because Uphold or Gemini doesn’t support Argentina.

So… Is there a solution of that or I can’t earn no more BATs because of it?

You are still going to earn BATs. The only difference the unsupported region for verification makes is that you can’t convert that BAT to real money. You will still earn BATs and will be able to withdraw once support is restored.

thx but THAT’S the problem, no convert to real money…
It’s so sad because I don’t know how long is this problem no solved.

Well, this should be solved by the end of the year. Atleast that’s what Brave’s target is. They want to get back most workable regions back by the end of the year.

so that will be nothing after we are getting reward from it… :joy:

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