Lock pinned tabs

I like the pinned tab feature. But so often when I am in a pinned tab, I hurriedly go to a bookmarked site & lose the pinned site. It would be helpful (for me, anyway) if the pinned tab was “locked” so it could not be changed, & bookmarks were opened in a new tab. (kinda like Firefox)

+1 on this. I’d like that.



Pinned tabs are half-broken without this. I’m always accidentally navigating away or closing the tab by accident. Firefox, which I just switched from, gets this behavior right IMO.


+1 guys vote on this ! i really will enjoy this feature, could be an experimental flag, please :cold_sweat:

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BIG DITTO on this feature request.
I too accidentally forget that I’m in a pinned tab and then have to waste time recreating it again. If there was a way to “lock” the pinned tab I would never again loose or misdirect them.

I absolutely LOVE Brave and al of its amazing features. Adding this feature would make life so much better for my workflow.

Keep up the great work!
Thank you.

… well there’s this.

Although not perfect, at least the Brave internal process seems safe and secure, although you still need to run though this manually, and then restore from your bookmarks folder. It would at least catalog and save your important Pinned tabs.

I would not recommend using any of the extensions. The are notorious for being nefarious, malware, or unstable.

Big +1 on this from me.
We need to have an option to hard-pin websites to pinned tabs. 3

Yes, it’s easy to lose pinned tabs…
I wish I could set a “don’t change site” option for such tabs.


Forever writing over the tab as use to Firefox but trying to migrate.

AI response to problem to consider:

Brave browser: Pinning tabs is a feature that lacks making the feature useless ie. does not lock the tab, any way to lock the tab?

Unfortunately, Brave browser does not currently have a feature that locks tabs. If you are looking for a way to lock tabs, you may want to try a browser extension like Tab Lock, which allows you to lock tabs with a password.

this tab lock, any reported or known malware or other similar issues to worry about?

No, there have been no reports of malware or other similar issues with Tab Lock. It is a highly rated extension with no known security issues.

Expect can use without a password feature?

Yes, Tab Lock does have a “no password” feature that allows you to lock tabs without entering a password.