Could you please fix pinning Tabs

so I open brave I have a few tabs pinned. Sometimes another window will pop open, however if I close the main window before the extra window all my pinned tabs are now gone. Can you make the pinning more permanent so the only way they can get unpinned/slashed closed is by the person physically unpinning and closing the Tabs. Getting tired of having to re pin Tabs I want permanently in place.

Hi @NunyaBusiness. Welcome to the community. This happens to me all the time too, and I agree that pinning a tab should be permanent. Most of the time I can recover my pinned tab configuration when this happens from History by choosing Recently closed or X tabs:

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Actually the nearest workaround to this is what cat5 suggest. Also there is a feature request to allow a popup to show asking you if you want to close the window or not when closing it by accident, but this is on request, if you want to help with it please give your comment and or your suggestion to the official thread relying this:

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