How to restart Brave with your pinned tabs showing

I just saw a post about How to save pinned tabs, dated Feb. 2021, which has now been closed. No answer was provided in that post. Since even a Brave support person couldn’t answer that question back then, I decided to provide an answer now, for those who will be looking for that topic in the future.

Since I’ve been saving some pinned tabs for a long time, I can provide an answer, but not as good of an answer as I’d like it to be.

The answer is currently (as of 7/28/2022) found in Settings, Getting Started, On Startup. Under On Startup, ensure that “Continue where you left off” is selected. That opens the browser next time with the pinned tabs all in place.

I’d like to see the pinned tabs information stored in the profile, so it would be available whenever I start up Brave under a new OS or on a different machine. Currently I have to recreate the pins under those situation, even though I’m using the Brave sync function.

Since I wasn’t allowed to use that same title, I hope that others who search for that same title will be able to find this post.

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Thanks for providing the information. Not sure why nobody answered the prior thread but this is correct. Additionally, you should be able to use Brave Sync to re-open/create pinned tabs in the browser window from another OS.

Thanks for the update.

You mentioned using Brave Sync to “re-open/create pinned tabs in the browser window from another OS”. My recollection is that they are not saved through Sync. That’s why I mentioned that in the post.

I just did a sync with a different Linux distro in a vm that I’d created recently. Brave Sync did NOT bring in the pinned tabs, even though they show up in the main distro I use and even though the settings brought in by Sync were set the same as I reported in my main distro above: in Settings, Getting Started, On startup, with Continue where you left off still selected. So each time I do a sync, I have to recreate the pinned tabs. With only 4 that’s not so bad, but that doesn’t quite fit the narrative of Sync restoring everything from one Brave to another Brave. But it’s still the best Sync I’ve found in any browser I’ve used.

The bookmarks are imported correctly, but I have to manually go through them to close each of the Top Level folders I’ve created, since they come in opened. I have 50 Top Level folders and hundreds of sub-level folders, so closing the 50 Top Levels is a bit tedious, but I realize that most people probably don’t have anything near that number. Perhaps it make them feel more secure to see their bookmarks show up under their top level folders.

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