Permanent Pinned Tabs

This is a continuation of this topic:

My request is for pinned tabs to be permanent, meaning that they should persist across all windows. If I open a new window, Brave does not keep my pinned tabs in that new window. If I have multiple windows open and I close my main window first, then when I reopen Brave my pinned tabs are gone.

I am honestly perplexed that this is being done intentionally. I am requesting that the default behavior be changed to keep pinned tabs persistent across all Brave windows as that makes sense. If for some reason you think that the majority of users don’t want persistent pinned tabs (which I think is ridiculous), then make this a toggleable setting in the “Get started” or “Appearance” section of the Brave settings.

I shouldn’t have to re-pin my favorite tabs every time I open a new Brave window, nor should I have to worry about which window I close first in order to keep my pinned tabs whenever I re-open Brave. Please implement this change as it is the only thing about Brave that is driving me crazy. Please and thank you.

Still hoping someone from Brave sees this.

I am still sad that this continues to be an issue.

I’m relatively new to Brave and the fact that my pinned tabs are not persistent is driving me nuts. This should be a no brainer.

Pins are something Chrome/Chromium got wrong and Safari got right because Safari keeps permanent pins even after closing all windows. Brave’s behavior is the same as Chrome (since it is Chromium based after all) but Safari tabs are better implemented.