Have option for Pinned tabs to be ever present

There are probably about 6 webpages I constantly use all day every day and I simply want them to all be pinned and ready to access every time I load Brave. It’s so much more time-consuming to have to reopen them and repin them every time, sometimes multiple times per day. If I pin something it should stay pinned until I unpin it.

Thank you for reaching out.
The functionality you’re describing is what should be happening. I believe that you’ll need to make sure you have the Continue where you left off option set in Settings --> Get started:

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I just posted here about the same subject https://community.brave.com/t/clean-up-tab-bar-wasted-space-make-pinned-tabs-persistent-search-tabs-button/481851

I’m curious about your comment “If I pin something it should stay pinned until I unpin it”. So, are your saying the the tabs don’t remain pinned, or that you must conduct an arduous search for them because they don’t remain persistently visible at the left side of the tab tab?

I have that set…but for example…I might have 10+ other tabs open when I shut down Brave…and I’d rather not have them all open when I restart. Also, occasionally I’ll close a Pinned tab OR the system will crash and then I have to reload/repin the tabs again. I simply just want it to always load those 6 pins every time and nothing else. I guess that functionality is not available… so I’ll just live with it as is. :slight_smile:

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See my reply to @mattches above. :slight_smile:

What OS are you using when you see this behavior?

Venture 13.2.1 as of today… I usually keep it up to date as much as possible.

I see — I think I know what’s going on here.
On macOS, when you click the x to close an open window, it closes all tabs in that window, including pinned tabs. This appears to be intended functionality, given that I see the same behavior in other Chromium based browsers on macOS (tested on Chrome, Chromium, Opera).

I believe this is because, on macOS, clicking the x simply closes the window, but does not end the program/process. So when you click to launch Brave again, you’re essentially opening a new window rather than re-launching the one you previously had.

However, if you quit the process (right-click on Brave icon in the address bar, then Quit), this does end the process — then if you relaunch the browser by clicking the icon again, it will launch the browser in the previous state before you quit the process (which will maintain your pinned tabs).

While it may seem silly I do think it makes sense for the OS. Note that this same behavior is not present on Windows OS, because clicking the x in Windows does end the process.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for this. I really appreciate your time to reply.

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I thought it was a good idea. Certainly at least to ask if it was possible. A for effort!

So was rethinking this and tested some things…
Ideally I want the 6 pinned tabs to open everytime so I set the settings to “continue…” but then if my tabs are closed, unpinned or redirected somewhere else… they don’t come up the same the next time. Or if I have another 10+ random tabs open when I close the browser, they all come up too. So this isn’t really the feature I was hoping for.
If I use the “Use current tabs”…then all my pinned tabs come up 2x…once pinned and once unpinned.

Hoping someday this might be a useable feature for me.