Don't close pinned tab

In Opera and other browsers you can’t close tab by CTRL\CMD+W before you unpin your tab. And I think, Brave must do the same scenario. Because we usually pin important tabs, but I can close a lot of tabs after ending some task about searching information and accidentally can close important pinned tabs


+1 on this. I’d like that.

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Oh, God, I need that too! I am a tab collector and close them with CTRL/CMD+W very fast, sometimes I kill all my attached tabs this way. =(

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+1 vote. I use pinned tabs to keep track of tabs that I want to always keep open, and I’ve found myself accidentally closing pinned tabs via keyboard shortcuts.

Firefox handles pinned tabs in a way that I find very much better for my needs, and I hope Brave could emulate: if focused on a pinned tab and CMD+W is pressed, the browser either ignores the close command (in cases where no unpinned tabs are present in the window) or switches to the first unpinned tab (in cases where unpinned tabs do exist in the window).

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I love people replying instead of voting XDDD

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it would be a great idea if the brave prevented closing via keyboard shortcuts the fixed tabs, after all they were “pinned” and we don’t want you to close something fixed, it could be a flag in the Brave settings for now, please brave team hear us !!

Is this not a feature yet? I am stunned

Anything? I hear crickets. +1

I just moved from Opera to here, and I find this function very useful to me. Hopefully this feature will be added one day.

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