Recover passwords from data login file

Hi, yesterday I was browsing as I usually do with Brave, but suddenly the pc stopped working and give me a BSOD. After restarting, I notice it was Brave causing this, everytime I try to opened it crashes my pc giving a BSOD which has the message “Kernel data inpage error”. I then went to the Windows Safe Mode to see if I can open it from there but it was crashing the pc aswell. After the restart my pc wouldn’t crash, but if try to open Brave freezes the pc for 3-4 seconds and then nothing, but seeing the task manager the disk usage was on 100% during the freeze.

Now it comes the tricky part. I had to reinstall brave deleting the previous installation folders and files to not crash the pc but I notice that some of the files in subdirectories of Default (appdata folder) were damaged. Well, it doesn’t matter as I only want the old passowords I had in my previous install. I copied the Login Data file (the database) and pasted to the fresh new install folder but when I open Brave there is no passwords. I tried to copy the full folder except for the files that windows says are damaged, but nothing changed. I tried to take a peek at the file with DB Browser for SQLite to the Login Data file and I can see every username, website etc that I had in the prev install, but the password_element field is encrypted. I haven’t changed nothing in my OS, only the brave folders. The autofill seems like is working, I can autofill the addresses, and some usernames etc that I had in the prev install but the passwords are gone. I tried to save a new password and seems like is editing the Login Data file I pasted because his size is changing but the old passwords aren’t there.

Can you help me please?

Windows version: 22H2

Brave version that crashed: v1.51.118 (I updated Brave the night before the crash)

Thank you!

Some help please? I tried to create new users and put the file in their folders but it doesn’t work… but I can see the new passwords I created with the other user in the fresh install but the old ones are still missing.

It’s weird because as I say, when I open the database seems like all the data are there and I haven’t changed anything from my OS like passwords, users, etc… I only did a fresh install of Brave.

Still needing help if someone knows about this.

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