Local Windows Profile had to be Rebuilt. How to export passwords from old profile?

My local Windows profile became corrupt and I had to recreate it. The profile corruption was unrelated to Brave Browser. I still have the old corrupt profile and need some tips how to export the Brave favorites / username / passwords to the newly created working profile.



Do you mean that you can still access/use your old Brave profile? If so, you can go to Settings --> Autofill --> Passwords --> Export:

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t work. Since a new profile has been created, Brave also created a new set of folders. I’m hoping I can copy and paste the data from the old directory to the new one. I only need to know where the URLs / usernames / password info is stored so I can copy + paste from old to new directory.

You need to copy the entire contents of your browser directory right into the new one. I delete the contents of the new one first, then I paste in the previous browser’s files.

It is pretty easy, but if you need more details, ask.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work.

I deleted the newly created “User Data” directory found in:


and replaced it with the old “User Data” directory. However the old URLs / username / passwords are not visible when I go to settings > additional settings > autofill > passwords


password would not work by copy the profile data as it encrypted so when you copy it the new profile would not able to decrypt it the only way is using the export but as you said you can not access your profile then it will not be possible

something you can try but i am not sure it will work or not

but here you go right click on the brave shortcut then properties then shortcut then target and add this to the end of the line add one space then --user-data-dir=“put location of the old profile here”
the path should go to the default folder inside brave-browser folder

then press ok then start brave if it work then do the export thing

hope that help and have a nice day

Doing this gives me an error message along of the lines of… Brave does not have read / write access to… and I’m given the path of the old folder.

try to copy the default folder from the old username to new location maybe on your d drive or something then update the path and see if it work if it did not then idk if there another way to get the password or not

Thanks for your effort. I decided go start a new password list. Was hoping Brave would be similar to google chrome, but is not.

you very welcome
but for password if you did not export it or sync it chrome will do the same as the file of password is encrypted by the user account of the platform you use for protection so imagine i can copy your password file and use it everywhere

and sorry for your issue

Chrome actually copies the data over and uses it. Chrome didn’t have any issues. Brave does. It’s not a huge loss fortunately.

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I was able to do it with Brave pasting into Brave Beta. It should work just like Chrome. Anyway, maybe look to the bright side and refresh your accounts with new passwords. Since you have to add them all one at a time anyways…

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