Linux, how to restore Brave bookmarks, settings and passwords from backup of /home/user/

The way Brave stores user settings, passwords, and bookmarks is too cryptic for me to easily figure out.

1). Backup /home/user to a remote drive, including hidden directories/files.
2). Install an upgraded OS (Debian Buster) from scratch.
3). Try to figure out how to get all the user stuff back for Brave Browser from the backup.

Crypto-currency and rewards stuff you can leave out. I never figured out how to work that.

Be able to restore the correct files from the backup, so Brave is like it was in the previous system.

I have found Brave-related files in backup of ~/.cache, ~/.config and ~/.local. Can I simply copy those files from the backup to the new installation, launch Brave Browser, and it will pick everything up?

Version 1.14.81 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Yes, you should be able to simply grab everything from ~/.config/brave into ~/.config on your new/upgraded OS and get all you information carried over. Please let me know if this does not work for you.

Iā€™d suggest copy the folders from this path. Then reinstall OS, Install which ever version of Brave you have copied and do not launch. Post install just copy the folders and launch brave you should have your working profile back

I got everything back but passwords.

i think that expected as password should be encrypted i think by your user account on the device
not sure if there a way to overcome this but wait tell someone from the team to confirm it

I would appreciate it if the passwords were protected by a master password, because Firefox has that, and I got all my passwords back in it.

sure it would be better
and by the way firefox offer both ways so master password is optional in case if user did not set it he/she will get in the same issue
but let us wait to see if the team know a way for this and have a nice day

Alternatively, you can export passwords directly and import the file into your new Brave build as well:

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Thanks, I add that to my gotcha list.

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