How to recover bookmarks from backup

I had to reinstall brave after it would crash on opening.
Upon reinstalling I was surprised to see my bookmarks and passwords were lost.
I save backups weekly so I would think I would be able to recover my bookmarks and passwords.
As shown in the picture I tried copying over the ~/.config/BraveSoftware from my backup, but this didn’t work.
Does anyone know where the brave bookmarks are stored?

Hm. That should have worked. The bookmarks are in:


(that’s for Beta, remove -Beta for the release channel)

One thing that can cause issues here is if you backup your browsing profile while the browser is running. It’s possible not everything was saved.

I also experience issues with bookmarks/passwords when I experimented with a shared ‘/home’ across two installs of Manjaro (one being a KDE and the other Gnome DE).
Initially it looked like it was working fine, but then after rebooting into both environments twice with the browser open on each run, suddenly it seemed that things began to lose sync, then upon trying to restore the content via cloud sync it appeared corrupted and eventually I pulled out a drive with a week old backup of my ‘/home’ directory and copied the Brave config directories over (after deleting the old config folders and uninstalling all versions of brave on my machine) and once I copied the week old backup over then reinstalled the browser, everything seemed to start working again.

Brave Browser was the only software that seemed to have issues supporting the shared ‘/home’ directory between the two OS installs, but as Brave is something that I use very regulary on my workstation, I decided to scrap the plans to experiment with the concept of ‘Two OS installs, one /home’ unfortunately. :cry:

To clarify, I’m not sure if this is related to the OP issue, as I don’t know if he tried something similar, but I thought it was worth noting how I overcame a problem with something similar.

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