Copy all browser settings from an old Linux installation to a new one

My question is actually a copy of this one: Question, but in my case the recipe didn’t work. Before I used Fedora, now I’ve switched to a Debian-based distribution. I copied the specified folder from old .config (keeping all file properties) to new .config, installed the browser, but it didn’t fetch the settings. Moreover, if I delete this folder and reinstall the browser, it doesn’t create it by itself, so I don’t even understand where it keeps the settings now.
The version is obviously latest to date (1.46.144).

Anyone out there? I need some help as soon as possible.

I’m unsure whether this will help, but here goes.

I recently set up 3 computers to dual-boot Windows and Linux, specifically, Debian.

With these computers under Windows, I’d tried an early version of Brave’s Sync and been disappointed. Because of my initial experience with Brave’s Sync, I’d copied files between the 'puters … and made subsequent … adjustments.

For the recent Linux installs, I tried Brave’s current implementation of Sync and it worked well for me: many (not all, but many) preferences are transferred, extensions are installed and (more important for me) the extension personal preferences are transferred. Adding: I did have to attend to some details that weren’t transferred.

Perhaps a help: here’s Brave’s page about Sync’s current implementation:

Thanks for the advice, but Sync is sending all your bookmarks and stuff to Brave’s server, which I don’t want to do. I simply want to import everything from the previous installation.

Tell me finally where your fcking settings reside! They are not in /home/user/.config/BraveSoftware as your fcking manual states, they are somewhere else on Debian! Am I supposed to read tea leaves to find them or what?!

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