Everything I backed up is available EXCEPT for my passwords!

So I’m on Linux Mint and I seem to have made a very big mistake.

I did a reinstall of Mint but before that I backed up my important files (including the .cache and .config files for Brave), packing them into a zip file and placing them at a safe external location.

Now I have Brave reinstalled on my system and everything that was there prior (bookmarks, settings, etc.) are there… except for my passwords.

I don’t think the password data is gone, but when I tried to decrypt the Login Data folder, the passwords field comes out as a jumble of odd characters. I have the GNOME keyring data for my current Mint installation, but I didn’t save the one from my prior installation.

-Brave version is 1.42.88.
-Linux Mint version is 20.3 “Una”.

@EndOfMyRope Officially/technically, there’s nothing that typically can be done. I mean, you could have exported/imported all your settings through Brave first, which would then have put everything back once you imported. Or you would have Sync option where you’d input the code and it would have applied your passwords, extensions, and whatever else you had decided to sync.

I’m guessing you went with copying your \brave-browser folder which would have successfully carried over everything except passwords, but encryption usually changes and you experience what you are.

In the past, people have tried things like using Chromepass which was able to decode, but lately there have been people who said that’s unsuccessful. If you want instructions on that to try though, I’ll say you can check out:

That said, I’ll tag @JimB1 and @CerealLover to see if they might have any other ideas


Btw, if you ever synced with another device, you could sync your PC back to it. Have you not synced a phone or anything with it? Just mentioning in case that might be a very simple solution that just escaped your mind for a moment.

Sadly no. :frowning_face:

Good news! Turns out I had some relatively recent CSV exports archived. So that solves my particular problem.


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