Limit on Browser Usage

If I have the Brave browser installed on multiple platforms, like mobile, desktop and work, will I collect BAT from, in this case, all three browsers?

you can use as many browsers as you want, but you can withdraw only from first 3 linked to uphold

@Mattches - any news/plans about that?

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Can the first 3 linked be ever replaced or are the first 3 the only ones you will be ever allowed to use for withdrawal?

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Understood. It makes sense to prevent fraud and manipulation. Now, is there any way to know from the transaction ID in Uphold which browser the BAT came from?

that is question for brave team :slight_smile: honestly I have no idea

How come I have one browser that states the next payout will be March 5th and another saying it’ll be April 5th? Isn’t it every month?

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