Multiple Browsers

I have Brave in multiple browsers on multiple devices.
How can I check that they are all connected to my Uphold account?

Is there a way to verify that. And is there a limit on the number of devices with Brave that can be linked?

It would be great if all that was more transparent.

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Anyone help out about this?

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There is well-documented and often discussed lifetime limit of 4 instances of Brave you can connect to Uphold.

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Ok is there a way to tell which browsers are connected to which uphold?

And what happens if you try to connect browser 5 to uphold?

And what happens if you have to re install a browser previously connected to uphold?


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we cant tell which browsers are connected to brave exactly

if you connect your uphold account to 5 browsers only 4 of them will pay the bat into your uphold other browsers wont pay you directly you should get them by tipping.

if you reinstall all bat will be lost.


What do you mean? It will look like it connects but it won’t pay out?
There should be some notification at least.

Is it possible to disconnect and connect to a different Uphold? Shouldn’t be this difficult to collect ad money.

Yes it looks like it has been connected but you wont receive BAT.

I don’t know what happens if we connect another account by disconnecting older one.

Better tip BAT to recieve.



Unfortunately, there isn’t

Uphold will only allow you to have one account. Gemini is coming soon as an alternative option

Unless you can restore the user data it counts as a new instance of Brave and thus counts towards your lifetime limit.

Tip Bat to what? Myself? What’s the best way to do that?
Is there a way to easily verify which payments are from which browsers?

create a publisher account and link your uphold

How do I tip bat to myself?

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