I am leaving Brave after ~9 months of using Brave as my primary Browser

After about 8-9 months of using Brave as my primary browser I have decided to leave Brave.

My main reason is that I was fine putting up with the shortcomings that the new browser had as long as I could earn a decent amount in BAT doing so.

Now when the Brave ad rewards have plummeted by around 80% (ppl earning BAT worth roughly $1 per month) the shortcomings with using Brave are not worth it for me.

My previous posts on issues with Brave’s ad rewards are below if anyone is interested to read about it.

My guess is I won’t be the only one leaving in the near future.


Just my guess, I’m another Brave user… the drop in ad revenue is quite probably that advertisers are not willing to pay more for the kind of advertising Brave offers.
The issue with how Brave/Android handles BAT is a huge concern. I will be trying to connect with Brave team myself regarding that one.

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I’ve had Brave since June or July, I don’t exactly remember. But I like the idea of this browser, since it took away a lot of publicity, I made money with the ads that came out and I was excited about that.

But like many here, advertisements stopped appearing, BATs were taken from me in an unfair and very dirty way as I just found out, that same idea of leaving Brave has recently passed me by. I just want to know if this is solved or how the matter is going to be.


Unfortunately, @FaKu, I don’t think you will get a satisfactory response to that. If any response at all. I don’t think that the Brave project is run in a good way for long term success. Much like most crypto projects at this point.

I’ve had the same with less than 1BAT per device per month and UK based. I’ve used Brave since the start of 2018. Each month I would receive my payments, now I’m never sure what to expect. For at least 5-6 months now I get near to nothing with pending BAT on each of my 2 devices.

I still believe it’s a great browser and project. The BAT is an added bonus but I guess similar to myself if I’ve “earned” it then I’d like it please to do so what I wish. Then to see it just stuck in my wallet is quite annoying but not stopping me getting on with my day. Seems apparent many people are experiencing this though.