Brave Rewards Amount Does Not Match Uphold Amount

During the last month of november, I have accumulated roughly around 6 BAT. Even tough on my brave rewards page it displays that I have a total 12.6 BAT in my wallet, on my Uphold account there is atually less than 6 BAT:



I have checked the transactions activity on uphold and from last month I have only received 0.35 BAT, instead of around 6 BAT.

Can anyone tell me what might be the issue here?

Can anyone help me here?

I have the same problem, and my wife had the same problem.

I don’t know why we even need uphold in the first place, why not just directly deposit it in the integrated wallet? Uphold just adds an extra (centralized) step.

Yeah, that’s odd. Have you logged out of Uphold and re-signed back in? As well as, close out all of Brave, make sure Brave is updated to latest release, and open again? It might also be timing of the payout and could correct itself on the next, upcoming payout. Not quite a perfect system yet.

Agreed, I don’t dislike Uphold, but it would be nice if Brave just used its own integrated wallet.

It’s not getting any better truth be told, I did not receive anything from last month even tough I claimed the amount from that month on my local rewards section. I have roughly 5.17 USD on my braves reward section and around 1 USD on Uphold.

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Did it work for you before? I did not log out cause I was afraid of losing my local progress.
I have seen somewhere that I might not being receiving the transactions on Uphold because you can only log in 4 different devices with Uphold… I mostly use Brave at work and I since I had to change laptops I suspect that I might have exceeded the 4th device limit

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Sorry, out of advice and don’t want to tell you to do something and things/BAT disappear. Hopefully, one of the Mods can jump in and assist. I see people sometimes have issues with Uphold, I guess I’ve been lucky with no issues…knock on wood.

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