Leave Site? Message on closing EVERY tab after upgrade

I have just upgraded to Brave 113.0.5672.77 and now EVERY tab I close or even switch pages within the same site I get the message “Leave Site? Changes that you made may not be saved.” regardless of what I have done. No matter what I do I cannot make this message go away.

Any thoughts?

Does this include pages where there is no text entry forms?

Are you using any extensions?

Yes, no text entry forms. Sometimes just going from one page to another on a news website does it whereas before the upgrade it worked fine. One example is https://bravewords.com/ - you press a link to enter the main page and you get the message. I turned off one of the ‘voucher’ extensions and the actual page seemed to start working properly. I’ll try others and see how I get on.

I had the same issue until I came across this thread. Disabled all of my extensions and the issue went away, enabled them one by one and found that the “Promocodes Hero” was the extension causing this issue. Before disabling and restarting the browser, I would get “Leave Site?” message for everything, even clicking on search results… Very annoying.

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I also have the same problem

Check your browser extensions. One of the ‘promo voucher code’ type extensions was causing mine. Once I disabled it the sites responded normally.

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