Extensions logging me out everytime i close the browser

Hi, i have a problem with brave on PC, everytime i close browser or restart the pc brave logging me out of my extensions downloaded from chrome web store like lastpass/bitwarden etc. What should i do?

Thank you for reaching out. Are you by chance clearing data on exit (specifically cookie data)? You should be able to see this by going to Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> On exit?

Nothing is removed on exit. I also checked the cookie settings, nothing changes, I even added exceptions of sites such as Lastpass and still the same.

Hmm very strange. Can you please tell me what version of the browser you’re using at this time? Additionally, can you confirm that it is in fact all extensions that require a login in which you’re seeing this behavior? If not all, can you list the specific ones that are seeing this issue so we can see if there is a common thread there?

Thank you.

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