Brave not closing

On many pages that allow comments like FB, YT, Twitter, or if it has a Discus comment section. Brave always asks me if I want to leave the page. When I press the X I want the program to end. Is there a setting I can change that I did not see? I don’t need to be second-guessed non-stop.

Thank you for reaching out.

Can you share specific an example of a site where you consistently see this behavior? Additionally, can you confirm whether or not you’re commenting on these sites?

On Facebook, it asks no matter whether I comment or not! If I open F.B. and don’t do anything, then close the tab, no problem. But if I interact with the site, like switch from my profile page to the main feed, that’s enough to trigger the Leave box on Brave.
I have tried the browser with all extensions disabled as I use Grammarly, F.B. Purity and don’t know if it was causing it, but it had no effect.
Youtube usually only happens when I comment at least once. It would be a complete sent comment.
Most other sites work correctly, and it does not happen every time on them.
I would still like to turn it off if possible even on the sites it works correctly on.
And I check the box to prevent any more dialogs, but it does nothing.

Very strange behavior. I know you tried with extensions disabled, but my suspicion is that something (probably Grammarly) is running in the background. Can you please try creating a temporary browser profile and test the behavior using this new/clean profile?

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