Brave keeps signing me out of all my websites

It hasn’t been an issue until right now. Nothing has changed but for whatever reason, When I close Brave and reopen it, it keeps all my tabs, but signs me out of all my websites.
Already checked cookies setting if something wrong. Didn’t find it

Brave Version(1.10.97):

So just to double check

Sites arent logging you out after a certain amount of time
Its not clear on exit settings in Brave
Its not clear cookies on exit in site settings
Its not Bleachbit or any other cleaner

When you open Brave after closing, what cookies do you see, any ?


Sorry, but I already checked that all before. Nothing wrong. But thanks for your sugestion

3 days ago my computer got infected by some malware. Could it be the cause?

Yes sir it might be.

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Brave signs me out of Google, Youtube, and some other website accounts once awhile, and I am wondering what causes that.

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