June rewards received

Just wanted to let you know that my last post regarding this was two months ago and it seems that one of my post has been hidden (haven’t entered this forum in a while as I decided to change browser because of all the obscurity behind the flaggins system).

So why now I’ve been unflagged? What changed? The system was wrong?
I just got an email of uphold telling me my june rewards arrived. In june I swapped the tokens, emptied my account and moved on.

Thanks Brave for making me wait two months and be happy with my rewards

If you had raised a ticket and received a response saying that you’ll be unflagged then that’s kinda the answer.

If you hadn’t the most likely it’s the auto unflagging system in place which did the job

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They had a issue with unflagged accounts which caused even unflagged accounts to still not receive payments. More details at

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