Querying lack of rewards payment for May has led to account flagging

Very strange…

I use Brave on 4 computers, all linked to my Uphold account. I typically get 1-3 BAT per month from the rewards programme. I just use Brave for general browsing, nothing fancy, I do sometimes use a VPN when out and about.

I didn’t get any rewards payout for May, which was unusual. The last time this happened was when I had to change from Gemini to Uphold as Gemini became US restricted for some reason (I am in the UK). Even though I had successfully linked Uphold the accrued rewards were lost - from memory this was around October 2022. Brave support was excellent and after looking at logs and stuff they sent me 8BAT which I thought was very generous.

Anyway, regarding May 2023, I contacted support like previously to ask about the payout on 28th June and had no response, so I followed it up on 30th June and now I have been flagged apparently but I have no idea why, and I have been forcefully unlinked from Uphold in all my Brave browsers. So I presume I will now lose the June rewards too. This particular computer I am typing this post on is due 1.612 BAT, my others are at less than 1BAT, so I am hardly a heavy user.

It would be really nice to know what I have done wrong to trigger the flag and how I can fix this situation.


Yes, thats the new system doing the work. So earlier only the device which received the flag would be flagged. Now, any device flagged and being connected to a custodial which is connected to other devices, will flag all devices in the chain. In simpler words, flagging now happens on a custodial level.

If you could please share the ticket ID, I can tag support to take a look.

Sorry what is the TicketID? I am a bit of a novice at this stuff.

If you mean the support contact, I just emailed support@bravesoftware.zendesk.com

But had no response as I said. This was the email they replied to me on before.

Been thinking, do you think it could be something to do with Apple’s relay tech? I use macOS

Uh oh. I now realize we were not on the same page. I thought you raised a ticket since you said you contacted support. I am not sure if they will ever reply to that email.
Best way to contact is via support ticket at

Do note, its a weekend in the US in a few hours, support isn’t active on weekends generally so might take a few business days to get back to you.

They never specify anything as to why someone was flagged. That is to make sure that scammers don’t use that info to evade the flagging system. So who knows. But most likely it would have nothing to do with your apple relay tech.

Thanks for that and the link, I have just raised a ticket on that system. Got a generic response, no ID as yet.

You must’ve gotten a ticket ID. Do check again in some time.

Just arrived in another email…205704

Great. @Evan123 @saltybanana can you help ? thanks so much!

Just a reminder, it’s currently the weekend. Brave Support generally is not active during American holidays or weekends. Also want to point out that they are working on tickets, usually on a first come, first serve basis. On average month, it’s a 3-5 business day turnaround. However, looking at 10+ days lately unless lucky.

They will get to you, but just will require a bit of patience.

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Thanks everyone. There’s no rush.

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I’m also having the same issue. Just saw the triangle icon with a 1 for a notification so I clicked it. It asked to reverify my uphold account, no problem. Did that and bam, I’m flagged. Makes absolutely no sense. I’ve never done anything even remotely against the TOS. Seems like we’re not the the only ones either. The forum is starting to fill with reports of this exact same thing.

[Edit: Fixed spelling, typing on phone too fast and autocorrect doesn’t do its job] :wink:

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Sorry to hear that @Bolticus.

As happenstance would have it my rewards have apparently arrived :man_facepalming:


Just to add that I have been reconnected and received 1.4BAT, I am not sure whether that was for the lack of May payout or the June payout. Regardless support has fixed my ‘flagged’ status - many thanks!

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