Not getting paid rewards for past 2 months

I have not received payment for ad rewards for March 2020 and April 2020 yet. I have been receiving rewards from May 2019 to February 2020 with no significant disruption. Why am I not receiving Brave rewards now?

Did you have a verified Uphold account connected? If not, did you receive a notification to claim your earning?

I have a verified uphold account connected. I have received notifications for BAT being sent to my account before but for some reason I’m not now.

This month payout is in process. Let us know if you not get yours by tomorrow.

Hi I’m new here, started late April. However my April rewards seemed to have dissapeared.

When I opened the browser yesterday (6th May) i noticed the value of my rewards had dropped in value.
I assumed they had been transferred to my “verified” wallet. But there is nothing in there and nothing pending in there.

I note above you askBrSP if they received a notification about claiming earnings. I have not received any notice to do this. Does this come in the form of an email or possibly a pop up when I open the browser or possibly when I check my BAT rewards? Please help me here? Thanks

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