January 2020 Publisher Payout Megathread

This thread is intended for feedback, questions, and issues regarding this month’s publisher payout.

If your payout is missing, late, or incomplete, please do not make a new thread! Instead, post in here and a Community member or moderator will get to you shortly.

Before posting, also look over these common causes for missing/partial BAT payouts:
1. Your BAT balance was under the 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.
2. Some or all of your BAT balance was credited during the freeze period (the 1st-8th of every month). Any BAT credited to your account between the 1st-8th of the month will instead be paid out to you in the following month’s payout.
3. Your Uphold account was not linked to your Creators account, lost connection to your Creator’s account, or was linked too late. Your Uphold account must complete verification by the 1st of the month in order to qualify for that month’s payout. For more information about Uphold verification, check out the Uphold Verification Guide .
4. Your referral rewards will now vary in amount depending on the region(s) in which your referrals were confirmed. See more information here .


Is Referral Promo continous?

@Kevspogi yes. It’s still running.


Thank you for updating me sir

You mean the Referral Promo Program will still be continue in 2020?

Why is the payment status not displaying.

Can i use the same uphold connected to a suspended publisher account with another publisher account?

Yes, @newkindofmoon. There’s no end date as far as I’m aware of.

@eljuno can you please give an Answer to my question?

I ask the same question. It doesn’t work out as before. Why is the payment status not displaying.

Should we expect our payments today? @eljuno

You are right, sometimes they pay between 7th and 8th at least in CET time zone. :slight_smile:

Yh. But I haven’t seen anything today. So, I’m guessing tomorrow.

Could be, anyway they are quite accurate in timing. If not today, than tomorrow.

Yes and the payment status is back to normal now.

Dear @eljuno @Asad @steeven

Thank you for all time I always get payment On Time every month from Brave Publisher.
but specifically for the January 2020 payment schedule, I feel something is not in accordance with the status of payment progress with previous months.

This is my screenshot dashboard at December 31, 2019 before during the freeze period (1-8 January 2020)

But today I see a change in the Payout Progress status (January) display on the Brave Publisher dashboard page.

Payout Progress
At the time we generated the payout report, there were no pending payouts for your account.
You will not be able to receive payments for this cycle.

is this normal? or indeed in the stage of developing the backend dashboard?
plesase, can you check my publisher account payments ?

Best Regards,
Frisga Andriana Johan


do brave pay downloads or confirmed?

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They pay only for confirmed users.

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ok thanks i have many downloads zero have confirmed

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