April 2020 Publishers Payout Megathread

This thread is intended for feedback, questions, and issues regarding this month’s publisher payout.

If your payout is missing, late, or incomplete, please do not make a new thread! Instead, post in here and a Community member or moderator will get to you shortly.

Before posting, also look over these common causes for missing/partial BAT payouts:

  1. Your BAT balance was under the 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.
  2. Some or all of your BAT balance was credited during the freeze period (the 1st-8th of every month). Any BAT credited to your account between the 1st-8th of the month will instead be paid out to you in the following month’s payout.
  3. Your Uphold account was not linked to your Creators account, lost connection to your Creator’s account, or was linked too late. Your Uphold account must complete verification by the 1st of the month in order to qualify for that month’s payout. For more information about Uphold verification, check out the Uphold Verification Guide .

why this month progressing bar dont show again ? thanks


same issue, this is saddening


The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later. I have this statement all the time.


Only got the BAT which i recieved via donation, but not the BAT i got via Refferals.
Maybe this helps

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hi i have had a balance of 78 bats for 3 months now but have not been paid out for the last 2 months…what is going on?? this is uncalled for

i got paid out everytime before 2 months ago …

I would like to report an issue that from last month onwards I am only able to get the referral rewards from my publishers account and I am net getting the tip earnings anymore. I know that some don’t receive it as they were banned but I am not banned as there is no banned option. I received only 18.02 bat out of 40.87 bat i.e. only my referral rewards. Please help.

I’ve got my payout guys just be patience and it yours will arrive too :slight_smile: thankyou BRAVE :slight_smile:

Thanks Brave

Recieved only about 10% of payout.

Confirmed to have received the Brave reward, thank the Brave team.

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Just wait a bit…The rest will come. It usually comes bit by bit. Sometimes 3 payments in total.

Buenas tardes por favor quisiera hicieran una revisión de mi cuenta, aun estoy a la espera de la cancelación de mi pago, y la verdad él siguió todos los parámetros exigidos por BRAVE … Agradezco su respuesa

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Gracia al esfuerzo de Brave de pagar a sus creadores de contendido y para los que traen referidos
hoy me llegó el pago por todas mis referencias de febrero y marzo GRACIAS SEÑORES DE Bravee
A invitar a más usuarios a usar brave

I have several issues!

1.) I have a lot of BAT yet to be paid out which is still remaining and still part of my balance, which comes to 237.26 and I’ve included an attachment below, but why have I not received the payment yet, why is it still pending, its been pending for over 2 months???

2.) I only use the Brave Browser for all my internet activities, I click on the Brave ads and their maximized to receive the ads all the time but yet for the month of March I didnt receive my BAT rewards on the 5th of April and still have not, so why didn’t I? I can’t see the pending rewards for all activities regarding my BAT like I was used to prior, its works on my phone but not on my PC, what happened, this is a mistake I know, so what haven’t I yet to receive my rewards? It still show’s 0 BAT, I’ve included an attachment below.

Please help me with this issue, I only use the Brave Browser because I enjoy the rewards and the Browser experience, I’ll be really disappointed if you don’t live up to what the project is all about, so I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out with this issue and that the BAT project made a mistake in not paying me out in the REWARDS I was owed.

I have recieved the remaining fund.

Got the payment. Thanks brave support team.

Why suddenly I can’t access my dashboard? I have sent an email to suspensions@brave.com but there is no further reply