January 2020 Ads Payout Megathread

This is the official support thread for the January 2020 Ads payout. Please direct any issues related to this month’s Ads payouts here.

if you’re a Creator with questions about January’s payout, please see our January Publisher payout megathread instead.

Before posting here, make sure none of common reasons for missing an Ads payout apply to you:

  1. Anyone whose BAT balance has suddenly dropped or zeroed out should fully exit and restart the Brave client. Make sure to completely exit out of the program and try again. This should fix most of the cases here – if not, please let us know and we’ll dig into your account!
  2. Ads payouts have now fully completed (including retroactive Ads payouts from past balances). If you didn’t get paid, email us the details (see the below instructions on writing in).
  3. If you’re expecting an Ads payout you didn’t get, you may be in an unsupported region. Brave Ads payouts are only available to those residing in supported regions.

If you are a Brave browser user who did not receive your Brave Ads earnings (or, your earnings from previous months still have not been transferred to your linked Uphold account), and none of the above apply to you , please email us at ads-payment-issues@brave.com with the subject line “January Ads payment missing”.

With your email, please include:

  1. Your country (the country in which your browser is active)
  2. Go to brave://rewards-internals on your affected browser and cut/paste the details into the email. Do not share this data on public threads!
  3. If you have a verified Brave Rewards user wallet, the email associated with your verified Uphold account.

Email is the fastest way to communicate with us and get your issue resolved. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

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any update about limitation for max 3 linked brave wallets to uphold? ads earnings from 3 versions (nightly, dev and beta) are transferred to uphold but not transferred from last one im using (standard brave version)
in past @Mattches mentioned that you are thinking about possibility to de-link uphold account from a particular wallet but I did not find any news about that

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Email sent.

I didn’t receive my January 2020 Ads Payout.

Anyway, I’ve never received my BATs in my Uphold Walled (verified from October) and every month, I need to send an email for refund my BATs.


No update on that and the 3 browser limit is still in effect at this time.

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