Brave browser sneaking away BAT I've accumulated

After having spent no less than 30 seconds reading other peoples issues and concerns on her I have no doubt that ‘BRAVE’ team and it’s ‘BAT’ token system is nothing more than dodgy ‘promise’ . I would like however to claim the BAT I have earned and as such would ask why yesterday when I checked my rewards it stated 1.650 BAT and now today I’m on 1.420? Everyone complains about this so why would anyone want to waste their time giving up on a dodgy browser just to come to another lying dodgy one?


It seems that there is some bug or major issue with not only BAT but with the browser itself. I lost 1 whole BAT today and not only that but had a partial reset on the browser somehow and have to login into some sites from scratch and appearance and saved passwords are gone too. Lets see if they respond to this or they gonna get slammed by everyone.

From what I have learned regarding braves past issues it would appear…they don’t give a flying F about it and now they have got what they want they will forget their own loyal community members just like Google and Twitter etc.

I don’t think they are nowhere near the sustainability level of Chrome Firefox and their userbase doesn’t seem that wide either (hardly even 1% of total market i think). If they create bad faith in a few people who are willing to use their browser then failed project it is. Its on them what they want to do… for some hundred thousand bucks if they want to destroy their browser, so be it.

Its so true and whats baffling is this is the perfect opportunity for ‘Brave’ to completely take over with all the cancel culture and censorship/privacy invasion. Combined with a crypto token incentive? a gorgeous and fast browser user interface?..really wouldnt mess this up it can be the industry leader in this particular industry.

fingers crossed…




It was in my brave rewards and then when I checked later it was gone.

Only 0.180 was left.

Fix it ASAPWhatsApp Image 2021-04-11 at 9.11.06 PM

There was 1.5 Bat in this Profileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

:angry: :anger: :angry:

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