It is safe to link more then 5 brave browser with 1 uphold account?

Hey Guys help me to find out the answer

Very unsafe. Uphold has a max of 4 lifetime devices. So if you reformat a computer, lost forever, new cellphone next week, lost forever. So basically you have to choose very carefully and smartly.

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already linked 6 browser Can u tell me what to do? @HighPriestess42

I’m with you, went BATschmidt insane and linked 2 Desktops, 1 laptop and 1 cellphone. Now that means I am stuck with these devices forever. 2 PCs I do not use anymore. So basically, i’m stuck forever on this laptop and cellphone.

whichever 4 you linked first, are the only four you will use forever and ever and ever. the last 2, they will not do anything. Well they will get Bats, but will not go to uphold.

Maybe if we are lucky they will change this. Fingers crossed, it is very silly there is no way to perma delete old devices. I mean who doesn’t get new cellphones etc.

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Then How to Withdraw other brovers fund basically i have only 1 uphold account waiting for ur reply @HighPriestess42

I think, as I said, the first 4 linked are the only ones that will add Bat to Uphold. The last 5th device will not. So the first 4 you can use as normal. I do not think you can withdraw on the 5th device because the 4 limit device is already reached.

if i reinstall 5th and 6th browser then earn some bat then how to withdraw that fund can i do self tipping to my Yt channel / twitter account it is safe? @HighPriestess42

I’ve heard rumors Gemini may be a future wallet option. If that happens, hopefully they will not have a device limit, or if they do, at least have a way to delete older devices. And hopefully Uphold will change their device limit, or at least let us delete older ones.

I think if you reinstall 5th and 6th browser, won’t this turn into 7 and 8 as far as Uphold is concerned? I think they will think it is a new browser/device. As for self tipping, I do not know about this. I have heard people self tip themeselves. But I never have, nor want to test it out.

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Ok thanks for ur reply

You’re welcome. I just basically know uphold allows a lifetime max of 4 devices. It really is unfortunate we cannot remove them.

OMG, I didn’t know this…
Well, hopefully it will change!

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Yea, if you have registered for publishers account and created some referral links with any of the given apps, you can self tip from the 5th device to the nth device you use. @HighPriestess42

@Rohit552 bhai self tip krne se publisher account suspend ho sakta hai yaa nhi?

Mostly not, theres no point of doing so I guess :thinking:

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