Remove old computer from uphold


I recently had to change my computer several times, after digging some informations I found that we can only bound 4 browsers to uphold account (I reached the limit already).
I contacted uphold to remove my old browser, but they replied, I have to contact Brave directly.

Can someone help me?

Thanks everyone and have a nice day!

Hi, @Stead, I’m sorry, but this is currently a permanent limit with Brave-Uphold wallets/ instances.

If you’re a Creator, you can choose Gemini wallet, as it does not have these kind of limits - though I don’t know what, if any, limits they may have. There are plans to implement Gemini wallet for all users, but it isn’t possible right now.

Hi @saereV,

Do you know how can I get my rewards so? :slight_smile:


If I login to uphold into my browser, what will happens to my BAT at next payout? Will they be rewards to my Brave wallet?

I believe your BAT earned on the unconnected device/ wallet just rests in the Brave browser wallet till you can move it to a verified wallet, like Uphold or Gemini.

A lot of users do this, not have, or are able to move BAT to, a verified wallet. It’s fine, but you have to keep in mind that reinstalls and any reformatting of the browser/ device will cause you to lose those BAT.


Because it let me connect to uphold with the new browser, I wonder what will happens…
So I don’t know if I have to sign-out or not…

Yeah I have a backup of the wallet private key in a safe place.

If Brave’s staff can answer this.

I’ll ask @justsomeone1 or @JohnDproof to step in and offer more assistance :slight_smile:

Sweet :slight_smile:

I stay on if they need any extra infos.

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Hello @saereV and @Stead

till now there noway to change the 4 slot limit for uphold maybe in the future they change that to make it possible to remove unused device

and i do not know what to do

so let me ask @steeven to check if he has any other way to solve that

and have a nice da all of you

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One more info, before changing my computers, I backed up %appdata%/Brave Software, then I copied this folder on the new computer and installed Brave back.

I really hope we can find a solution, because no computer are fail-proof. I am an IT Tech, so I often change computer to test new model before giving them to my users aswell.
I don’t want to lose my BAT :frowning:

I can’t believe that the limit cannot be bypassed, or browser removed by somebody, somewhere. Computers are not living on their own yet :smiley:

One solution would be to send monthly donation to my creator account right?

Thanks guys :heart:

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there one big issue about that self tipping sometime make the system flag your account

According to this page, Gemini has the same limit.


Hi, @gmacar, that’s a great find, thank you!
…But it kind of just creates more questions, doesn’t it? :confused:

How is it, I’ve missed this? :confused:

…So when we are thought to be able to have more wallet slots with the addition of the Gemini wallet (for all users) - it’s only more if we have multiple custodian accounts (ie. Uphold + Gemini)?

@steeven, I appreciate you’re busy, but could you clarify this when you have time, or someone else with this authority? I’m thinking of all the posts I must go back and edit because I will have given misinformation. :frowning:

In my human opinion, if there is no solution, the system is poorly designed. I am pretty sure I am not the only one in this case.
I don’t know anybody that never reinstalled windows, or changed his computer. The cap limit is not a viable solution for a long term.
We should be able to remove a computer or atleast bypass the limit with some kind of human verification, like have to send a identity paper or something.
One solution would be to be able to remove a computer and timelock the option for a period of time to prevent abuse.
Because even with a backup of my Browser File in %appdata% it seems that the browser is a new instance. I also restaured the internal wallet with the private passphrase, but I don’t think it solves anything.

I don’t blame Brave, I just tell you what I think about how unfriendly it is :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replied btw guys :heart:

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that could be right from user point of view but if i take the brave or the advertiser then that would differeance

just think of the following case

let us have unlimited linked wallet then many user would create many profile and start to harvest ads which would not make the advertiser happy who want to send their ads to more users

then that would make them not trust brave ads system which will make brave close it if more start to leave it

so i think they should think carfeully how to implement that option to make sure people use the ads system in wrong way


Yeah but if you say like “You can only link 4 browsers, and unlink 1 per year”, I think it’s fair enough.
But I have to agree, an unlimited browser amount is not an option at all.

Just in my case:

I have 2 computers, one failed, I had to reinstall, something went wrong with a fresh install, I had to reinstall again, already 4 links used in < 1 year.

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i agree to that that why i said

but currently they working on that

so manythings would be reveled in the future

hope we get something that satisfy everyone

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I just hope that the BAT I am earning with my fresh install will stay in the internal wallet :slight_smile:

time will tell @Stead :slight_smile:

If you make sure the auto-contribute is kept disabled -there used to be a bug that the AC enabled itself after an update, but I don’t know if it still happens-, it should not be a problem