I'm stack on Device Limit, Wan to reset Device or Device List

Hello there,

I did format to my computer at today. My family using mine computer. I opened 2 more account in brave browser for them and i did to connect mine uphold wallet. So today Brave browser saying to me “You are in full limit on device limit” and i can’t earn BAT anymore. I just want to reset my device list or device that if this possible, i’ll be happy. Thanks a lot…

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There is currently no way to do so. All we can do is poke at Brave to change this limit. because it is just horrible the way it works now.
You can still earn bat. But they will be saved locally. So you just cant withdraw them. But as soon as you are able to verify it again, it should go to uphold.

All we can do is wait for the brave team to make a change(fix it).

This is nonsense? I don’t want this to happen just because I formatted my computer. When I messaged Uphold they said I should contact Brave. My uphold account is bora@boragazoz.com.tr could anyone help me please? because I didn’t do anything bad, I just formatted my computer. I want to earn BAT and for reasons beyond my control I cannot. Can at least one staff take care of me please?

I just went from win 11 back to 10. Boom. Limit reached.
And nothing I can do. It is up to brave to implement a way for us to deal with this.

We are supposed to not own more than 4 devices we use brave on and never ever for as long as we live change or reinstall any of them.
^ current system tells us this is the case

really nonsense, believe me…

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Also seeing this on my end. I’m a Linux user who wants to be able to Distro/Desktop Environment hop at my discretion. Not being able to unlink old browsers is a HUGE oversight. Especially when I completely lose access to that old browser’s internal information when I move to a new setup. Can this enhancement (imo, bug) get moved up in the roadmap please? I would trade any new feature for the ability to unlink old browsers if it means I can continue linking Brave Rewards to my existing Uphold account.

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Same happened to me, up to Win11 and back to 10, I knew I was sure I wasnt having a problem counting to 4…

can you still tip BAT that’s saved locally?
like i wonder if i can just create my own site and verify as brave verified creator lol…

I’m also curious,
is this device limit from uphold wallet?
say u have 4 devices/browsers pointing to uphold wallet
and your 5th device, you link to Gemini wallet. Then would you be receiving rewards from the 5th device to Gemini wallet? or still saved locally within the browser itself only.?

Same happened with me almost 6 or 7 months back. I sold my laptop n purchased a tower pc. There were some bad sectors in the hard disk so I reinstalled windows again n again almost 10 or 15 times in 2 or 3 weeks n every time I installed brave n also linked my verified UPHOLD account as well. Then I changed my hard disk n used BRAVE. It showed me my earned tokens but never transferred to my uphold account. I only received 2 payments from Brave in my uphold account n those were earned n transferred when I had my laptop. After that no payment received. Kindly solve this issue. Now I ve changed my mobile as well n still using Brave without linking my verified Uphold account.

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