Uphold account to brave browser

I have 4 mobile and 1 laptop so in total I have 5 brave browser
So max 3 wallet can be connected in 1 uphold account, so I have a doubt …
After connecting 3 wallet can I disconnect 2 wallet? and connect the remaining 2 Brave wallet to the same uphold account will I get the BAT?

May be its possible ! But I’m not sure. Because recently I added my fourth device.

FYI now they’ve increased the devices connectivity for wallet to at max of 4.

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Still I will be remained by 1 wallet extra so can I disconnect one and use same uphold account in remaining one wallet?
Plzz admin rply the query

In short: not yet.

Currently there’s no way to de-link the connected wallet/s. So you’ll only received the BAT – in your Uphold – for the first 4 browsers wallet connected to Uphold.

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Plzz increase the no. It will help many people like me…:blush:
So now I have to wait and just use the 5 wallet as normal… right?

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Why is there feature called disconnect if we can’t de link it??

hahaha, we will tell them to check this condition while connecting the accounts. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Yeah bro​:joy::joy:
Btw how many brave wallets can be linked to gemini account plzz tell

Oo Oo, i don’t have much knowledge about that apps…

up to my knowledge if we want to transfer our bat from uphold, we need to pic one Crypto and ex-change to it. you can link your gemini (cryptocurrency address ) here in uphold in transact.

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