Brave Windows Client: Pages constantly crashing

First off I’ve been loving Brave, but I’ve been running into one huge issue and I’m unsure if it’s a problem with Brave itself, if it’s a problem with how it interacts with certain sites, or if it’s an issue with my system configuration. On many sites, particularly ones “Powered by MediaWiki” my tabs constantly crashes with no obvious culprits, sometimes they crash immediately after loading, other times it’s when attempting to scroll down the page.

As far as what I’ve done to try to mitigate the issues:
-Disabled Brave shield on the sites
-Cleared all browsing data, Cookies, cache, history
-Tried to see if anyone else was running into the same issues, but was unable to find posts about similar problems

I figured at this point I’d make my own post on it, any insight is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Strange, Do you have a sample page to test?

Also try disabling Hardware Acceleration in the options, see if that helps.

Hardware Acceleration is disabled, as an example, but it’s pretty much every page on every wiki put together the same way, as well as some issues with youtube and twitch occasionally

Can you try in a new Brave profile (with no extensions)? I didn’t see any crashes from that site.

Tried new profile with all built-in extensions turned off and no external ones, with the same results :confused:

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