Can't claim BAT from recently linked Android Brave browser


I use Brave on three devices. Two of them are Mac computers, and they are linked to my verified wallet. I’ve received these payouts several times in the past.

Some two weeks ago I managed to link my Android phone’s Brave browser to the same wallet. I tapped on “claim rewards” (or something like that) but I did not receive these BATs (though I received the ones from the computers).

Now I noticed that the BATs are still there, waiting to be claimed. I can’t see any “claim button”, and when I tap on “withdraw funds”, it redirects me to the Uphold page, where I can’t find any relevant option.

Can anyone help?

Best regards,

Hi @sateri, the claim button appears only for unverified wallets. Can you confirm that your Android wallet is verified?

Hi, @steeven

Thanks for your reply.

The wallet is verified (please see the attached image), but I can’t transfer my BATs to the Uphold account.

I’m sure I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t find any option to transfer these BATs and they were not automatically sent on the usual date.


@sateri what Brave version are you currently on?