Is there going to be a Brave Web Store?

I mentioned something in relation to this here Original Developer's Participation but veered of topic slightly, nevertheless this is around design.

Alex said, ‘it’s really just a function of priority vs user signal & time/resources available…In enabling a particular extension, there is some checking to make sure it doesn’t compromise user security or privacy.’

I was curious how the design of how about:preferences#extensions is going to look and work when its finally competing with Firefox and Chrome because I realised after checking all those requests which would take an awful lot of time after all users suggestions are applied which is the plan but how will it look and similarly to the bookmarks issue currently facing Brave, are we going to face a similar issue especially considering extensions are heavier.

It seems that modification/design of the about:preferences#extensions is best done soon so when users extensions are fully implemented it doesn’t look as unorganised as some of the other, obviously it doesn’t look untidy now because there’s only a hand full of extension.

I don’t want to veer too of topic again but could user soon develop applications/extensions primarily for Brave and not orientated around Google’s Chrome? This question can also be juxtaposed with How will you push updates for future extensions?


In regards to a ‘Brave-first’ development strategy for extension developers, they can follow the same process as they would for Chrome but then do

The notion of a Store implies commerce which at current it pretty far off our horizon but certainly sounds like it’s worth exploring at a certain point.

If you have a different vibe for how about:preferences#extensions should look & feel, totally draw it up and let’s give it a critique! It’s great to see new ideas from the community and especially for an active & passionate user like yourself :smiley:

So obviously you guys are not contemplating bloating the extensions page. I wasn’t really asking for a Brave web store, I was just trying to ascertain how Brave will present it self as a proprietary browser as opposed to a fork of Chrome (not Chromium)

As for the remark about the extensions making the browser heavier and essentially more slower to load when all users extensions request pass the security test and are deployed in Brave.

I’m sure you’ve planned or are coherently planning an efficient way users to essentially use their desired extensions. Just thinking of it seems like a daunting task, I mean currently there’s seven extensions available as though they’re pre-downloaded into the browser, I’m curious are you guys going to do this for all users requests as in limiting the type of extensions you make available to everyone like the currently available password managers because frankly I like that idea. The fact that you’ll only propose and make available essential and most secure solutions.

In relation to the extensions design page, I’m no UI/UX expert but having an efficient way of viewing and scrolling for easy of use seems responsible rather it looking bloated like other browsers.

  • Security
    Password Managers
    PGP (unless you opt for the built-in encryption solution I once proposed)

  • Managing
    Save to Pocket
    PDF Viewer

  • Shopping

  • Crypto Currencies

  • Downloading
    Torrent Viewer

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