About the Chrome web store

Hello there. I was told and read that Brave is supposed to be a more secure and private browser. I understand that it is a switch from Chrome for those with these concerns. However, I have not heard good things about Google as far as privacy. This leads me to ask: How are the extensions and themes offered at the Chrome web store deemed safe? Can someone explain?

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Extensions can’t be “safe”: whenever you install one (including the ones claiming to protect privacy etc.) you are giving new permissions to an external entity. The only way to be “safe” is not installing extensions, or at least using them as little as possible.

Thanks for the input. So it’s not safe to use any of the extensions or themes from the Chrome web store, even though it is built in on Brave? Am I understanding correctly?

Brave already has built-in extensions (such as HTTPS Everywhere) or features embedded in Shields (such as uBlock Origin and Noscript) so there is no need to download them from the Chrome store.
Although the extensions in the Chrome store are compatible with Brave, they have nothing to do with Brave (or with Chrome itself, for that matter). On the whole, from a security and efficiency standpoint, the less extensions you download, the better.

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