Brave extension store (Brave doesn't allow me to just use those three words as the title)

Hello Google Chrome Store cookies. Goodbye Brave (& other Chromium) browser. Hello Firefox based browser.

How about Brave starting its own Chromium store? Currently, I’m no longer using Brave (& other Chromium) browser.

It’s in the plans, no ETA yet, though.

Regarding the screenshot from your post, adding [*.] to the list of Sites that can never use cookies at brave://settings/cookies will hide that annoying prompt from some places within the Google websites, other places require additional filters…

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I don’t know about additional filters.
I’ve added to ‘sites that can never use cookies’ in brave settings, and I can visit the chrome store without cookie message.
Currently, I’m back at using Brave browser

Yeah, I wasn’t clear enough in the “additional filters” part. The trick with blocking cookies works all right for the consent redirect, but there are other cookie consent windows that remain unblocked, you’ll need additional filters for them, but that’s not an issue for you for the moment so won’t drag it further. Glad the issue is resolved and you’re back to using Brave :+1:

You never know what’s gonna happen in the future.
Google might require users to sign in to use the chrome store, just like when using the play store on android.
Like, when it comes to any other android app store, when it comes to other video platforms, when it comes to other e-mail providers, I’m not required to use an account/phone number/cookies.
When it comes to google, there’s no way around.

Would be nice to see

If Brave does create an extension store, I hope it ia fully open source and allows others to self host their own extension store just like how othere can self host their own F-Droid repo.