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I mentioned this once in the VPNs topic I created where I mentioned it is somewhat rare for people in general to engage in discussions and have proper answers with issues raised, which lets be honest will probably disappear as the number of users rise and users become more and more demanding. I happen to be one of them.

That being said The fundamental issue I raised in the VPN topic was a situation of trust and that it’s great that finally there will be a browser where by those particular extensions will work and may very well recommend Brave than any other browser because one of the providers once told me there product worked or moreover was best used in Chrome than Firefox. It made sense because they always push the updates for Chrome first and for FF much later.

I bring this up because Brave being based on Chromium and the fact that the proprietary extension holders are well experienced around this framework, I think its good idea that here on the community.brave page, the original developers of the extensions/addons are given a title of their own in the ‘Category’ section.

The section should consist of all the extensions available similar to the webstore but but similar solutions packed together (segregated by a line of some sort) from different extensions.

I think firstly it should start off as a way of users up voting necessary extensions because there’s quite a lot of extensions that users want and alex told me, 'it’s really just a function of priority vs user signal & time/resources available…In enabling a particular extension, there is some checking to make sure it doesn’t compromise user security or privacy.'
So checking all those requests would take an awful lot of time and what users want most should be applied first because I doubt you’ll just input hem all together in one day.

Finally, having veered off the topic slightly, later on the purpose of this category would be for yourselves, the developers and allowing us to scrutinize any particular extension in a neat format so they’re solutions function better on Brave than any other browser.



Voting up extensions sound awesome in my opinion and there probably should be a list of extensions that didn’t pass the security test :wink: Just my suggestions but great ideas from you :+1:


I don’t why I didn’t think of that @Jacalz I suppose displaying ones that didn’t meet the security standard is also a good way to avoid discrepancies from users continuously suggesting the solution/extension as well as not bloating the .

On top of this I think they should also begin to modify the about:preferences#extensions bit of the browser so when users extensions are fully implemented it doesn’t look untidy. Obviously it doesn’t look untidy now because there’s only a hand full of extension. I’ll be honest I don’t know exactly what they should do but as described in my original topic (4th paragraph) it has to be neatly displayed.

I think this is also very necessary because I think Brave would be slightly unjust when it does implement the uses of some extension first over others, speaking of the VPN topic I created and the solutions listed. VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave

In the original developer’s participation ‘Category’ I think brave should first create a Password Solutions topic and VPN/Proxy topic with a ‘verified developer’ user and similarly to #extensions interface (possibly similarly to Chromes webstore reviewing) and should segregate other solutions from each other including informing users not to meddle with each other to avoid discrepancies.
Reminding users that this page was created to make the solutions you want fully and better functional in Brave, not necessarily to create ideas and complaints which should be issued directly to them via their email/website.
The primary reason and question should be, 'Why it is not working properly? thus issuing your technical problems.

I would have contacted the solutions like evernote, other password solutions and the vpn companies myself to hear their opinions on testing their solutions but Brave is my primary browser and I need those two extension below in order to email them, so I was wondering could you make them work and contact them yourselves, I would suggest that you create the designated category first though.

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