Feature UN-Request: Extensions Store

I read that Brave plans on implementing their own Extensions Store. Presumably, after this is done, extension developers must submit their extensions to the new Brave Extensions Store. My request is that this plan be forgotten, or at least delayed until a date when it might be appreciated. Maybe July 2056.

The way Brave works now is ideal. Google does all the work, checking extensions for malware, and Brave users can install anything from the Chrome Web Store. Extension developers need only submit their extensions to the Chrome Web Store. Brave, Brave users and extension developers all take advantage of Google’s dime, of which they have plenty.

The smart developers of the Vivaldi web browser use the same approach. Let Google do the work for you, and simplify life for extension developers. The not-so-smart developers of the Opera web browser do what Brave supposedly plans to do – they operate their own extensions store. It is a real pain for extension developers. Most extension developers, I’m sure, do not bother with Opera.

So my request is that Brave make a smart business decision and just leave the Brave extension install system as it is. I see plenty of other requests in this forum which you could spend your time on. If you are really itching to do something regarding extensions, you could swizzle the code of the button when rendering the Chrome Web Store so that the blue Add to Chrome button is instead orange and indicates Add to Brave.

is maybe be special extension for brave browser, because support this brave store. i think what users brave will can choose how store use google or brave, because all normal.

I think you are saying that users could install extensions from either Google’s Chrome Web Store or the planned Brave Extension Store, and that the latter would support extensions using additional API which Chrome does not offer. Yes, that would be OK for us extension developers – as long as we are not required to submit to the new store.

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and if google will want make google store for chrome only, brave easy can this fix for self. but it only imha

but google can just block any extension . there are many extension that are not available on chrome because google don’t want them.