Why is Brave still haven't add extension for Mobile user

Extensions is a must have feature many of us expect from brave. Is chromium mechanism limit addition of extension? I create a topic in march but dev doesn’t seems to care. Almost everyone knows how beneficial to have extensions in mobile browser.

Brave browser’s main focus is privacy and security not overly complicated features

@imtiyas A while back they had the team talk about it on a Community Call, I couldn’t tell you which. Back then they said it was something they were considering but nothing for the immediate future.

Since then we had a big FAQ thing where we talked about Brave even having its own extension store or something. In that, they answered with the below:

The overhead involved in bringing out something like an extension store is blocking it for now. There are a lot of questions about whether that would be best or doing something more like a DApp experience/DApp store. But there are no immediate plans for an extension store at this time.

Beyond that, I’d also like to remind you that Chromium is pulling away from extensions. Chrome Web Store stopped accepting new public Chrome apps in March 2020 and they were slated to end all support for extensions this year. Does that sound like something you’d have wanted to spend a lot of time and money on?

Yes, Google has pushed back support now until 2025 supposedly, but we’re all waiting to see some of the big changes coming. While it shouldn’t do much for the majority of extensions, but you do have such changes as Manifest V3 which will be coming around here in January.

Brave has just been deciding to listen to what Users want and adds it to the browser itself. Most people were using Ad-Blocking extensions. Guess what? Brave has Shields. People were using things like Metamask. Guess what? Brave put in Brave Wallet. Then came Brave VPN (which also is soon to be for Desktop). Password managers…we have that.

At least, that’s some of the points for you.

True, with how Chromium browsers like Kiwi Browser are able to support extensions, it shows that it’s possible. There’s just a lot of little things to have to consider, including privacy as part of it.


My first post is tell you that’s just being rude. Maybe you find timesavers like customising a home page to reflect your work flow, or if you live in your moms basement links to gaming and teen comedy shows.
I too find safety and security as well as my time and convenience important. I even changed my search on Firefox to search. brave. com.
I dont like Chrome, don’t like Google and have been using the “net” since it was just for us in the military circa 1975.
Extensions are expected in a program for using the net. A GUI demands customization.

I hope they do add some extensions like home page customising and plug-ins. Im used to having this in other browsers.

I’m just wondering what part of my short sentence made you think I live at home with my mum?
It’s actually very flattering, thank you, that my badly written text comes out as immuture as in a few months time I’ll be turning 50 and haven’t lived at home for over 30 years! :joy:

Merry Christmas

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Good to know. Im 62. People of a particular age who actually wrote letters with pen and paper or typewriter read and consider what effect words will communicate even in brief. It’s why 40 years ago when we were using BB over telnet we added ASCIi text emotives to show what faces and tone don’t communicate in brief. Your brief message had the tone of the rude and uncouth gen x and millennials that have taken civilization down to caveman level of bonking a person on the head verbally with brutish short text indicating superiority and authority.
I’m pleased your not of that segment of netizens.
Even when being rude I try to make my words plain as to what my intent of expression is.
I think we could all do better on this intent with brief text using emoticons.
Happy Holidays :blush: