Brave Extension Store

Hello I think my idea is for Brave to make there own extension store because I think that could improve the problems with some Extension with brave off course you keep the chrome store it would be a way for app that need Just Brave specs and requirements so it can work on Brave.

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It’s in the plans.

It will be great if brave launch its own store. Fully agreed with your suggestion. :+1:

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I don’t really understand their plans, can someone break it down for me?

  • Will Chrome Extensions (Manifest v3) be incompatible with Brave (Manifest v2)?
  • Will Brave encourage developers to build extensions for Brave?
  • Will Brave defend free speech, free software, and privacy on their Extension Store?
  • If Brave has an extension converter for Chrome Extensions, will Brave uphold the copyrights of extension authors, by giving them a choice to NOT be enrolled in the conversion programme?

I think it might be early to give an accurate answer to your questions, however I mentioned your questions in the Github report above.

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