Greater freedom in installing extensions

Greetings, Brave community!

I would like to share a suggestion to improve the Brave browser. In my experience, I find it somewhat limiting and, in some cases, forced that only extensions available in the Web Store can be used. I understand that this is done in the interest of security, which is crucial, but at the same time, I feel it deprives users of the freedom to decide where they want to install their extensions.

Let me present the following scenario to better illustrate my point. Let’s imagine that Microsoft obliges users to install software exclusively from the Microsoft Store. This could create certain restrictions and leave users without the ability to access applications from other sources that may be equally valuable or useful. It is understandable that we seek a balance between security and freedom of choice.

My suggestion for Brave would be to consider implementing a more flexible system where users have the option to install extensions from different sources, but with the appropriate precautions and security measures in place. This would allow the Brave community to have access to a greater variety of tools, which would enrich the browsing experience for everyone.

I firmly believe that offering more choices to users would increase confidence and encourage creativity in developing unique and useful extensions for the Brave browser. While always keeping security a priority, this openness could result in a more diverse and enriching community.

I hope that this suggestion is well-received and considered by the Brave development team. Together, we can continue building a robust and secure browser that also provides users with the freedom to customize their experience according to their preferences.

Thank you for your attention and for fostering an open space for innovation and constructive dialogue!


The toggle button would be accessible within the extension settings, clearly labeled with a disclaimer regarding the potential risks associated with installing extensions from sources outside the Web Store. By enabling this toggle, users would acknowledge that they are willingly taking on the responsibility for any consequences that might arise from installing extensions that are not vetted by the Web Store’s security protocols.

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