Is "Tab Grid Layout" deliberately left out of *both* Beta & Nightly (and why)?

Hi Brave-rs!

I noticed that this flag does… Nothing. ;-(

Is there any specific reason for that?
(CC: @steeven @Mattches)
Is there a list of disabled flags? (published somewhere)

It’s not working in Beta.
It’s not working in Nightly.
(it only works in Stable build.)

So, in Beta/Nightly, we’re limited to the Vertical layout. In the illustration below (posted just as a reference), its called “Minimal”.
images (23)

PS. I personally prefer Horizontal :heart:, but Chrome ditched it out of Chromium, just as they removed other useful chrome://flags that made Chrome better for me ;-( (ie. swipe left/right to change tab, bottom bar/Chrome Duet - oh, I adored it! etc.) - which is one of the less important reasons why I switched from Chrome to our, beloved Brave.

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

Do you have the bottom toolbar enabled at this time by chance? If so, can you disable it and try changing the flag again?


A mí me funciona excelente, más allá de las criptomonedas es un navegador de la hostia, nada pero nada que envidiarle a Chrome


Hi dear M. :heart:
Do you mean this:

If so, yes. How can i disable it?

I like that bottom bar… It used to be called Chrome Duet, but chrome://flags flag for it has been suppressed (so how can I disable it? Searching flags for “bottom” or “toolbar” returns no flags.)

Here’s how my Tab View looks like, both in Beta & Nightly with Tab Grid = Enabled -

PS. I wasn’t lazy and tried literally all of the options below -

…and ended up w/ same result. ;-(

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I’m pleased it works for you! You’re talking about Tab grid view in Beta &/or Nightly, correct ? (I had to use Google Translate.)

PS. I’m a big fan of Brave too. :heart:

It’s not the first time that (a majority of)users have different Brave browser experience than me in a concrete, small-yet-important example… Here’s one - in Stable version pretty much everyone sees Undo close tab (even my mom, lol but that means I saw that…working!) yet I don’t ;-( /luckily - “Undo tab close” works like a charm both in my Beta & Nightly but not in Stable.

That other topic of mine got auto-closed and I still miss/lack that features that I deem important. What’s worse, - “Undo close tab” isn’t even controlled via flags, meaning: it’s part of Chromium code… :pensive: #support-and-troubleshooting

Side question for @Mattches: I use Uphold.
If I Clear storage & uninstall my Stable version (to try to get that Undo closed tab) & reinstall then reconnect with the Uphold: My existing activity (“Ad notifications received this month”) would be lost, correct? #brave-rewards

“Yes” is fine; I’d be glad to have my “Undo” back, if complete reinstall makes sense.

PS/edit. - Undo close is PERFECT in Beta/Nightly. :heart::heart::heart:
—It even supports multiple tab restore:

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Apologies if your issue was missed – at this time and in this thread lets try and keep the focus narrowed to the topic though.

Can you test this using Brave stable and tell me if you get the same results?



Sure, let's discuss issues one by one.

Maybe my other topic could be unlocked (so that I can continue using it), although I just wanted to use it as explanation that I somehow have mysterious issues. There’s a different topic of mine that I’d like to see unlocked, and that’s - LastPass issue topic - because LastPass did nothing in the 5+ months to help Brave users get the same treatment…as Chrome users get. ;-(

Should I just reopen topic/post new one (if somethings unresolved) and use link to old one as reference? Or submit a request for “unlock”?

As for Tab grid - it works perfectly in Stable! -

Despite the fact that I have bottom toolbar there too:

In Beta & Nightly - Tab grid flag does nothing.
Its all displayed Vertically (site title being the one sentence seen), and I can’t even reorganize tab positions - in Stable, I can long press the tab and move tab anywhere I want. Yet in this Vertical view (Beta, Nightly) - even that is impossible. I could easily accept inability to see tiles if only i was able to reorganize tab position in that vertical list, but I can’t… Long press does nothing (it should trigger move), “Tab grid” flag either.

This is how it looks…and only thing I could do is: tab close (“x”) /Beta. Nightly. -

If its of any help, @Mattches, here’s a list of all my chrome://flags’ that are custom set (outside of default value)…
Total of 3 screenshots, not much of a flags changed -

If you have any idea what I could try, I’m listening. Only flag thats remotely relevant, “Tab Groups” - I tried w/ Enabled/Disabled/Default - didn’t change anything.


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Thank you for the detailed reporting. I’m glad it works in stable – not entirely sure why it doesn’t work in other builds. I suppose there’s a chance that it could have been removed in later chromium code (which would be moving down the pipeline From Nightly --> Release) – I’m going to reach out and see if that really is the cause.

Additionally, I’ve opened your other topic that was closed by the system – however, there is a good chance that some of the flags you have enabled may be the cause of the Undo button not appearing as it should

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Try Start surface omnibox only and you will get it back plus a search box, although to be completely honest I prefer the new view (in Chrome enabled by Start surface single surface + Single Tab Without MV Tiles) since it feels cleaner, more modern, more compact, snappier and offers zero distractions, in my opinion while Chrome Dev and Canary plays with the three tab switcher styles (the classic, grid and list one) I would suggest to add under the apparence settings add the options to switch between the three effortlessly, this way aoso people who liked better the grid would not feel left alone

If you ask me why I know this? Is because I have been playing with Chrome Dev and Canary

@Marco better yet… I found EXACTLY what you need

In settings > accessibility there is an option called Simplified view for open tabs, you need to uncheck it