Please return Grid Layout or Cascade Layout

I have tried many times to try to resolve this. I am not liking where things are heading. I have tried many ways to get the Grid Layout to return back but it wouldn’t

I personally liked Grid Tab Layout. It made things convenient for me to navigate through different tabs. I really don’t like to have the Group Tab because it throws of on what I am supposed to be focusing on with another tab. The latest version made it quite difficult to do a work around. But now this one is more difficult. I would to get an opportunity to have the Grid Tab Layout to return, please! I have disabled the Groupings but it would turn the tab layout look all Horizontal. And I dislike that. I would like to have my old Grid / Cascade Tab Layout.

Please is there anyway to revert the version, uninstall and reinstall, use older version and looking for answers over the web. I am desperate need of help. Please give me a permanent solution. I have done this before with a different version but that went to a mixed up feedback.

Browser: Brave ver. 91.1.2571

Hey Nightmarecrow,

If I have this right, you want the Grid Tab Layout, but without the Tab Group feature. In that case, you need to:

  1. Have Enable Tab Groups set to Off in Appearance, then relaunch the browser.
  2. Go to chrome://flags, look for Tab Grid Layout and set it to Enabled, then relaunch the browser.
  3. Set Tab Groups in the same page to Default, then relaunch the browser.

Thanks for giving your time to respond to my concern. But on Step 3. I do not see this

Tab groups

. Would that be still in


? If so, it is already by default.

I have done these steps as far I can but the Tabs are the same. They’re still a Vertical Tab that I need to slide up and down to see what Tabs I want to focus on.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the flag I mention has since been removed, so my workaround doesn’t work anymore. You’ll have to use the tab groups as-is.