Feedback about Vertical Tabs

I’ve enabled the vertical tabs flag for testing, and am encountering some issues with moving tabs around, either from window to window or simply the position of the tab.

Couldn’t find any post about this, so to replicate the issue:

  • Create three or more tabs.
  • Move the last tab in between the other tabs
  • The moved tab will move to the right hand side, becoming barely visible
  • The get the tab that is almost hidden, click on “New Tab”
  • The “hidden/moved” tab will re-position itself properly


I am of course not aware if anyone else is experiencing this or if this is caused by something related to my setup. However it happens on different machines, but always using the same “synced” settings.

The reason I didn’t use a nightly is because I only wanted to test this feature, and that’s it. I wanted to contribute to the community by bringing this up because I don’t have the time to go through all the nightly releases.

Other than that, how am I (as a user) able to know that a flag is a nightly feature if it’s in beta and stable? If you think people should not post this feedback, then close this section and rename the “Feedback about Vertical Tabs” to “Feedback about Vertical Tabs only if you use nightly builds and check release notes on git”.

In future cases if I have any feedback I will simply not post. I see this is how Brave community works. Thanks for the warm welcome.