Missing toolbar

Description of the issue: After last update the bottom toolbar is not displayed any longer, and cannot be reactivated thus giving a chromesque look to Brave.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Going to settings, appearance.
  2. Activate “bottom toolbar”.
  3. Relaunch.

Expected result: Bottom toolbar displayed, but there’s no change at all, and the switch remains off. After installing beta version I tested “Tab Groups” flags and behave in the same way, and bottom toolbar returned after disabling all “Tab groups” flags. My issue is I strongly rely on tab groups.

Brave Version: 1.13.85

Mobile Device details: Nokia 4.2 TA-1149 Android 9.

The problem is the toggle setting
Setting => Appearance => Enable bottom toolbar

… is being “turned off” when the Tab Groups settings is enabled. So the Dev team decided both can’t be enabled … or it is a bug if it worked prior to 1.13.85

EDIT: i checked 1.12.113 and the behavior is the same as with 1.13.85

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Tab groups are still an experimental flag feature. It would have some conflicts and usability issues with bottom toolbar as it needs to show the tabs list. Currently there is no fix for it and would require a lot of rework on how bottom toolbar will behave. For now I suggest disable tab groups if you require bottom toolbar. Once the feature comes out of experimental phase to a feature phase we will work on how bottom toolbar behaves.

Going to close this as wontfix for now. Please open a new thread if you have any other issues.

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